About Us – Illinois Towing Service

We know having vehicle problems is stressful and that when you’re calling us you need a company that realizes you’re being kept away from family, work or other important matters and want to get back to your schedule quickly.

We have a fleet of late model, well maintained tow trucks ready and waiting for your phone call at several locations such as Naperville, Aurora, and Sugar Grove areas.  Our goal is to alleviate the stress associated with your circumstances and not exacerbate you with HIGH FEES and UNREALISTIC ARRIVAL TIMES, therefore responding to you as quickly as possible and having the best trucks, latest equipment and experienced, capable, tow truck operators sent to your aid.

We’re led by a local Owner/Operator who has built a company with top tier proficiency, tons of experience and a customer first attitude.
Our owner has been in Business 30+ years.

From the owner to the drivers, to the front desk, we all understand that it’s our privilege to help you in your time of need. We know you can hire any number of towing companies throughout the Illinois area, so we promise to go the extra mile, with able and courteous service at affordable prices in order to earn and keep your business and referrals.

Unlike other towing companies we do not support the Business Ethics of Advertising one price and charging you another!!  There are no 300.00 local Tows for a few miles!! We do not or Condone the Bait and Switch Mentality, as the old saying goes If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. So rest assured that we pride ourselves on Honesty and a Fair Service!!

The Bulk of our Business are repeat, Long time Customers!!  Some Tow Companies will charge you Outrageous fees as they are looking for todays Dollars and feel they will never see you again. As for us we want to service you again and again with you knowing you can Trust and feel confidant that when you need us we will be there to respond, just like your Plumber, Electrician and any other Service Professional you may hire.

 If you’re in need of assistance call us today at 630-940-3200.
We look forward to being your Regular Towing Service.